What is sciatica?


Sciatica is condition that occur in lower back, left or right hip, and left or right leg. It is a sudden feeling of pain that radiates to described area. In case of Sciatica, pain is sharp and unpleasant and sometimes can prevent you from doing everyday tasks. It last between 5 and 10 days and usually resolves itself in that period. If last longer than 10 days or when repeating several times a year, probably you should visit your doctor and search for some medicine that can help you with that condition.

Sciatica symptoms, or feeling of pain can be mild, moderate or severe. In most cases, sciatica symptoms are mild or moderate and can be treated with natural remedies to reduce inflammation and pain. In case of severe symptoms that are repeating several times a year the only solution is operation.

If you are suffering from mild and moderate symptoms of Sciatica, it is recommended to use natural capsules and cream combined and in the same time. Capsules will work from the inside of your body and cream will act fast from the outside. Results showed that this way of treating Sciatica can bring optimal results.  Read more about sciatica treatment


What causes sciatica?


Between the vertebrae forming our spinal column there are disks the inside of which is gelatinous.  Sciatica is caused by the irregular position of vertebrae in the lower back area. Those are usually vertebrae in L4 to the S1 range. Sciatica occurs when gelatinous inside of one or more of those disks starts running out of its housing due to pressure caused by vertebrae irregularity and begins pressing the root of lumbar nerve against the spine or pinching it. Sciatica can be triggered by the various spine or pelvic bone injuries caused by straining, long-term sitting, or it can be a car accident consequence.


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