Sciatica Symptoms


How to recognize sciatica?

Sciatica is a condition that equally affects the elderly and the somewhat younger. The medicinal term for sciatica is lumbar radiculopathy. Since sciatica affects a great part of the population, research on sciatica treatments are numerous.

How to recognize sciatica symptoms on time?


Lots of people think that they suffer from sciatica as soon as they feel any pain I lower back region. However, this belief is completely wrong. If you are affected by sciatica, the truth is you will rarely feel serious pain in lower back. In order to treat sciatica successfully, it is important to recognize the condition in time.

These are the most common signs that a person is probably affected by sciatica:

  • Most often we feel sciatica as leg pain that radiates from the hip, over buttocks all the way to the foot, following the path of the lumbar nerve.
  • Pain intensity is different, from numbness and tingling to sharp pain depending on the exact cause of sciatica and the location it originated in.
  • We normally feel pain only on one side of the body.
  • Pain is not constant; it comes and goes in intervals.
  • Sciatica over manifests itself as pain numbness from hip to toe.
  • Patients feel pain in their leg or more seldom In lover back area during long-term sitting or walking. Sharp pain often occurs when they bend to pick something up from the floor.
  • Foot tingling is one of the most common sciatica symptoms.


There is a great probability that sciatica will be successfully cured without surgery if recognized on time. Patients should apply a specialized cream on parts of the body that hurt, as well as on lower back area because that is where their sciatica originated, even if it doesn’t hurt there. It is advisable to use natural ingredients – based creams. You should look for camphor among the ingredients because it is a very powerful analgesic, especially if combined with extracts from plants that have strong anti-inflammatory properties like turmeric. The advantage of such creams is that they can be applied directly to the place where sciatica originated as well as the positions along the lumbar nerve that hurt. People should visit a physiatrist to prescribe the necessary physical therapy range.


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